Saturday, April 26, 2008

A message from URNCO.


We are proud to announce our sponsorship of Milwaukee's own, Track Jacket Revue in their next show, "Everything About This Hurts." We at URNCO. feel it is incredibly important to support the artistic community especially in our vital local markets. Milwaukee has a rich history of arts and drama and the team of Track Jacket Revue is a continuation of that legacy.

"We are incredibly excited about the show here at the offices," said URNCO. CEO Jeff Michaels.

Track Jacket Revue has also generously written a sketch featuring URNCO.'s ever popular urinal cakes. We are excited to see the end result of this sketch and the many others that will be featured in the show.

We hope you can join us on May 23rd at Comedy Sportz to support Track Jacket Revue in "Everything About This Hurts" presented by URNCO. The doors open at 9:30 with the show beginning at 10:00. Seating will be limited, but reservations are available. Tickets are only $5.

URNCO. has been leading the way in design and innovation in urinal cake technologies. Started in 1934 by John J. Michaels, URNCO. has been the leader in sales of bathroom deodorants for over 74 years. URNCO. designing innovation, right now.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Facebook Group

Wassup players?

Here's another picture for your viewing pleasure....

Also, check out our Facebook and join if you're registered.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Actual (well, new to be honest) Show Date

Well, well, well it looks like we actually have a show date. After much deliberation we've settled on MAY 23rd. Don't worry, that's still a Friday and it's still going to be at 10pm and still only cost $5. Yup still a measly $5.

Track Jacket Revue in "Everything About This Hurts"
May 23rd, 10pm @ Comedy Sportz Milwaukee
420 1st Street in Walker's Point


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Those pictures Mike was talking about

This is for all you Track Jacket groupies out there who can't seem to get enough of the team. Following are several production stills from our very first day of shooting.

I'm not sure why I look like a forty year old woman in the last one. Eh, take what you can get, right ladies?

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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Been a while, ain't it? We've got some new production stills ready to show, if Leeford ever gets around to uploading them somewhere, we also have a new promo you might never see. Neat! We think ComedySportz will let us play with them on May 16th, so that's what we're going with until we say otherwise. We should wrap shooting by the beginning of May, and given our proclivity to short bursts of extreme productivity, that should mean everything will align itself perfectly for the show date. Neat! As ever, the show will be at 10 PM with an open bar and waitstaff, and only $5. Check out any of Milwaukee's lame-ass clubs--the cover's going to be 3 times that or more. What do you really want to do on a Friday night, stand in line to get ignored by fuckin' skanks or come laugh your ass off at us?